Does the idea of giving a presentation to clients still make your stomach turn? Do you spend the ten minutes before your presentation trying to work up the nerve to get out there? You are not alone, there are tons of people that have a fear of public speaking and find it challenging to get up in front of others and sharing their thoughts. However, being an effective public speaker is essential to being an effective sales-person. Here are six tips for improving your public speaking skills and banishing nerves once and for all:

  1. Plan it out ahead of time.

    You don’t have to write it down word for word but having a general idea about what you’re going to say can help you overcome any nerves.

  2. Practice, practice, practice.

    Grab someone you are comfortable with and do a test run — ask them for their feedback to help you improve. Read it out loud on your drive into work or in front of a mirror. 

  3. Engage with your audience.

    Make some eye contact with your audience — don’t be afraid to look around the room.  Avoid reading from a piece of paper throughout the whole presentation, it makes you look unprepared!

  4. Body language is key.

    Your audience will read and respond to your body language. Be mindful of your body language, while also scanning the body language of the crowd.

  5. Think positive.

    Give yourself an internal pep talk beforehand. It will help calm nerves and prepare you for your presentation.

  6. Record your speeches and watch them later.

    Watching recordings of your speeches can help you learn and grow for the future. Make a list of things your strengths and weaknesses–this will help your confidence while also helping you improve your weaknesses. 

Everyone has their own tips and tricks to get themselves through presentations and in the end, it’s all about confidence and putting yourself out there to share your thoughts. Help others conquer their fears by telling us your presentation tips and tricks in the comments below!