Our employee spotlight today shines on Tom Fallucca who excels both in and out of the office. Tom is a Senior Account Manager in our Naperville, IL office that has been with ASL for a little over a year now. Check out the spotlight below to learn more about Tom and learn why he was recently featured in the Chicago Sun Times!

Before we jump into his recent successes we wanted to help you get to know Tom so we reached out to Kathy Prust, our VP of Midwest Operations. She described Tom as a funny, laid back, genuinely nice guy. “He [Tom] is a huge asset to the Midwest team, ASL is lucky to have him on board,” said Kathy.

Outside of the office Tom loves sports, specifically baseball. His team is the Chicago Cubs. His other hobbies include hunting and fishing. If you read the Chicago Sun Times you may have already seen his recent hunting successes – if not, we have you covered.

Not One But Two?

This hunting season kicked off with a bang for Tom, within 10 days he had tagged two impressive deer, one with a crossbow and the other, on the first Saturday of firearm season, with a 12-gauge. The bucks were a 5.5 year old 8-pointer with an antler score of 141 inches and a 4.5 year old 10-pointer with an antler score of 130 inches.

We caught up with Tom to find out a little more about his thrilling hobby.

How did you get into hunting?

Actually, at a house party in college. A guy I had never met before pulled up with a big buck in the bed of his truck showing it off to people. I begged him to take me out hunting that season since his farm was only a few miles from WIU [Western Illinois University]. We have been best friends ever since and he even stood up in my wedding last year.

What other animals do you hunt?

I hunt deer, turkey, ducks and pheasants with my golden retriever – Blue.

How would you describe your hunting season this year?

This season has been one I will never forget. On top of tagging out on deer, I bagged a big turkey in the spring and sent my puppy to a 5 month bird training program. He turned out to be an excellent bird dog.

What is your favorite part of hunting?

My favorite part of hunting is spending time with friends, family and my dog.

You can check out the link to the Chicago Sun Times story here.