ASL’s Midwest Office, located in Naperville, Illinois, is one of ASL’s smaller offices. Josh Velazquez is one of a few producers who work out of our Midwest office. Through eight years with ASL and working in two different offices, Josh has remained dedicated to the company.

We asked Josh a few question to learn more about his time at ASL. and also a little about his personal life.


Tell us a little bit about your region.

Our office is in the Chicago suburbs and focuses on the Midwest states. Although there is considerable competition here, developing a client base as I was moving into a production role was fairly easy due to the myriad of agents in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Since then, I have expanded my focus to include other Midwest states.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time here at ASL so far?

My favorite memory was back in my marketing days for ASL when I entered a meeting with the biggest audience I’ve ever had. About 40 people entered the conference room and I got a little nervous. All eyes on just me. I did my presentation, asked some questions as well as answered some questions. At the end of the meeting, I met a few of the agency members and one of them stated that was the best meeting they’ve been in with a carrier/MGA rep because it was informative and to the point.

What do you like about working at ASL?

I very much appreciate the culture in ASL. In my experience working in our FL office, our MW office, visiting our other offices, or meeting ASL employees from other offices at events, I find that everyone in ASL is likable, takes pride in their work, and ASL as a whole cares about their employees.

How did you end up working in the insurance industry?

I think, like most people I fell into it. Prior to insurance, I was heading towards a career in Real Estate, but I found insurance much more stable. Plus, once I started, I was surprised how entertaining the industry was with carrier events, traveling, and getting out of the office to meet with our agents.
8. What do you like to do in your free time/what are your hobbies? Spending time with my wife, our dog, friends, grilling (charcoal or wood only, just my preference), hanging out in Chicago, the occasional Cubs game, and riding my motorcycle.