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ASL Producer Profile: Vince Demshar

Reliable. Quick. Professional. Up for a challenge. Always working. Vince Demshar zips down the halls at Atlantic Specialty Lines, smartphone in hand, one hour before anyone else has come into the office. As ASL’s top producing broker, Vince regularly connects with about 100 independent insurance agents throughout Florida in need

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Vacant Homes are Not Vacant of Risk

Homeowners leave their properties vacant for a host of reasons. A vacant home is a prime target for theft, vandalism, or other damage. Before homeowners pack up the final box, a call to their insurance agent is in order to secure proper coverage for their newly-vacated property. Once a home

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Artisan Contractor Insurance Quote in Five Easy Steps

The construction industry is looking stronger today after a recession leaving many construction professionals out of business. Fortunately, the industry is on the rebound, so artisan contractors such as painters, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, and drywall installers are back to work and in need of insurance. Now. For insurance agents

Dwelling Insurance: Ideal Coverage for Investment Properties

With the upturn in the housing market, more people are getting back into the investment property game. Owners of habitational property with less than five units – single family homes, duplexes, or small apartment buildings – should consider a dwelling insurance policy to protect their real estate investments. Dwelling insurance

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Insurance Fundamentals for Youth Sports Organizations

Participating in youth sports nurtures children’s minds and bodies and is often the cornerstone for lasting memories of friendship and competition. What starts as a weekly after-school soccer game can grow to a competitive traveling league leading to college scholarships. Regardless of the intensity of the competition, it’s the commitment

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Home-Based Business Insurance Protects Home and Business

There’s no place like home, but working from home can be more complex than firing up the laptop at the kitchen table. Small business owners operating out of their homes need to protect their personal and professional assets against losses from theft, injury, loss of data, or lawsuits. Many home-based

Cyber Security: A Big Deal for Small Businesses

Small business owners have to do it all, but one thing they should not attempt is in-house technology. Even tech-savvy entrepreneurs can fall victim to hackers, potentially compromising the financial wellbeing of the company as well as their reputation. Successful small business owners who have faced the nightmare of a

Liquor Liability Insurance: A Sobering Reality for Business Owners

“A guy walks into a bar…” Many entertaining stories begin this way, but for business owners who engage in the sale or service of alcohol, the story can turn into a nightmare without adequate liquor liability insurance. What happens when an intoxicated person walks into your client’s restaurant, orders one

Special Event Insurance for Holiday Events: Protects Pumpkins, Ghouls, Mazes and More

Special event insurance isn’t just for weddings and hole-in-one competitions. As the season for holiday festivals, parades, corn mazes, and Christmas tree lots approaches, small business owners and non-profit organizations need help protecting their investment from liability lawsuits. For a relatively small premium, an individual or organization can protect itself

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Mistakes Happen… Not having errors and omissions insurance (E&O) shouldn’t be one of them

Imagine this every day errors and omissions insurance situation: A successful consultant practicing for almost 25 years has never had any claims made against her. In fact, she prides herself on the fact that she has never made ANY mistakes on the job. She asserts her back-up planning and checklists