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Lessor’s Risk Insurance: Sign the Lease & Sign the Policy

Real estate is often viewed as a safe, long-term investment. Whether it’s a modest single family home or a massive 100,000-square-foot warehouse, investment property can provide rental income and then can be sold later for significant gains. Before handing over the keys to tenants, property owners should secure the right

vacant property insurance

Vacant Homes are Not Vacant of Risk

Homeowners leave their properties vacant for a host of reasons. A vacant home is a prime target for theft, vandalism, or other damage. Before homeowners pack up the final box, a call to their insurance agent is in order to secure proper coverage for their newly-vacated property. Once a home

Liquor Liability Insurance: A Sobering Reality for Business Owners

“A guy walks into a bar…” Many entertaining stories begin this way, but for business owners who engage in the sale or service of alcohol, the story can turn into a nightmare without adequate liquor liability insurance. What happens when an intoxicated person walks into your client’s restaurant, orders one