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Janitorial Services Insurance: Are Your Unsupervised Workers Leaving You Unprotected?

Today is the age of entrepreneurship. With the blossoming of small business, janitorial service companies are popping up all over the country.  The only problem is many do not consider insurance risks in their business plan. The Janitorial Services Product offered by Atlantic Specialty Lines is created especially for:  

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Why a Responsive Insurance Services Office is the Key to Client Loyalty

Ernst & Young canvassed the opinions of 24,000 insurance consumers to explore what drives consumer behavior, covering the whole customer life cycle from initial research through purchase, servicing, repeat purchase, claims and termination. (View the report here.) The findings reinforce traditional expectations of the relationships between service providers and consumers.

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How insurance producers can get the best out of their brokers: 4 questions to ask

Some brokers make insurance producers’ jobs easier. They know the right questions to ask, understand your clients’ businesses and needs, and follow up quickly and regularly. And then there are the other kinds of brokers… How can you figure out which brokers to work with, and which to avoid –

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The Problem With Shopping for the Lowest Insurance Premium

Trust is invaluable in the relationship between an insurer and their customer. Building that trust can be a long process, infused with learning about the customer’s needs and researching solutions that match those specific needs. Once that trust is established, though, it forms the backbone of an often long and