This week’s food spotlight is a tale of two cities.  ASL has offices in Illinois and New York, so it’s fitting that we talk about the ongoing battle between the two state’s largest cities. For some that might be the Cubs vs the Mets. (or White Sox vs Yankees.) However for today’s food spotlight it means: Chicago deep dish vs New York thin crust!
*I would like to note that we could have done this with hot dogs too, but I wanted to be fair. So, I picked a debate topic that gave the New Yorkers an actual chance to win (maybe).
While we do know that Chicago style deep-dish originated at Uno’s. We don’t know for sure if was invented by  Ike Sewell or original chef Rudy Malnati. Either way, the deep-dish pizza — known for its pie like appearance, cheesy goodness and any kind of topping you can think — is enjoyed by millions everywhere. It’s baked in a round steel pan similar to a cake or pie pan. The crust can also be stuffed. When ordered for delivery or carry out, the pies are uncut to prevent oils from soaking in causing a soggy crust. You can even have it shipped to you if you don’t live near Chicago!

Recommendations from the locals:


Back in 1905 Gennaro Lombardi founded the first pizzeria in the US in NYC’s Little Italy. Antonio Totonno Pero made the pizza which sold for five cents a pie back then. In 1924 Antonio went on to open up his own pizzeria, Totonno’s in Coney Island. Back in those days, coal brick ovens were the norm and the cheese was on the bottom with the sauce on the top. Nowadays, it’s usually hand-tossed with a light layer of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, and your extra toppings of choice added on top.  Eighteen inch pies are commonly cut into 8-inch slices which make it a street food classic.
Recommendations from the locals:


Who do you think has the best pizza, New York or Chicago? Let us know in the comments!



Victorgrigas, Deep Dish Pizza, CC BY-SA 3.0