It’s easy to forget all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into keeping a business up and running. Especially in insurance. Once a policy is quoted and bound, who makes sure those policies are issued? The processing department. It definitely isn’t magic and it is an integral function in ASL’s process.


One of the pillars of the Personal Lines division of the Processing Department is Deann Clanton. Deann has been with ASL for 10.5 years, and has evolved into an associate that everyone can turn to for questions and help. It is not uncommon to see Deann floating from desk to desk helping her teammates work through their issues.


We asked Deann a few questions to help everyone get to know her.

What department did you start in at the beginning of your career with ASL, and where do you currently work?

I have worked in different areas within the company from processing commercial policies to handling claims, a little bit of marketing and was a receptionist. I currently work in Personal Lines department. I handle various tasks like processing endorsements and issue policies. In addition to my tasks, I am the Power User/Trainer for all Personal Lines service team members.

How did you end up in the insurance industry?

I started with ASL as temp and then became a member of the ASL family. I had no experience or knowledge of the insurance industry before ASL. As I became a member of ASL, I learned more about the insurance industry. 

What do you do in your free time?

I am an adult figure skater. I started skating as an adult and have been skating for 20+ years. I also participate in skating competitions.   

Tell us a little bit about your skating career.

I started out in Learn to Skate classes then after about 10 months to 1 year I was interested in skating competitions. I got a private coach for lessons and then worked my way up the ladder. There are 2 different tracks of skating, a standard track (what you see on TV) and the other track is for adults (slightly modified levels). I skate the adult track. The level I have achieved so far is the Adult Silver level. I am currently working on the Gold level to advance up to the IJS point system of skating. Next month in April, I will be competing at the Adult Figure Skating Championships (similar to the US Nationals but for adults).  

In addition to regular skating, I also take Ice Dance lessons. I do not compete any dances; I just take the tests for the Ice Dance levels. I am currently working on the Silver dances (3 dances for each level). I just recently passed one of the dances on this level, the Tango. I also participate in Holiday Ice shows and have done exhibitions like Skate 4 Babies for the March of Dimes and raising money for this organization. In addition to my skating, I am also a board member/officer for my skating club. I am the secretary and membership chair for the club.

What is one of the coolest memories or experiences you’ve had with skating?

Over the years of skating, I have met a few of the elite figure skater that you see on TV. One of my favorites is when I got to me Alex & Mais Shibutani, a brother/sister ice dance team. They were talking about their journey and experiences to the 2014 Olympics and World Championship. They are just an amazing team to see and meet. Another famous skater that really touched my heart was Scott Hamilton. He is so iconic and was amazing to hear his story of cancer survival. He also talked about his Cancer Foundation which was exciting.